real cloud mining service

Today is one of the largest representatives in the field of cloud mining. The independent company provides the use of computing power to extract the most popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum and ripple. Our team considers its main task to provide the simplest and most favorable conditions for mining to anyone who wants to receive income from innovative technologies. Therefore, our engineers and developers take on the solution of all issues and difficulties, so that you focus on achieving your goals for making a profit. The peculiarity of our service lies in the fact that we provide the opportunity to advertise.

Affiliate program

If you use our service, then you have the opportunity to become a partner of All users who register on the site receive bonuses every 4 hours to an individual account, for this they just need to log in and press a button. When inviting new users with your affiliate links, you will also receive 7% of the investment and 1 GH / s of capacity per user. In addition, you can receive additional income. To increase profits, you are offered surfing, viewing ads and a free bonus every 4 hours.

Why us?

We believe that everyone should be part of the financial revolution.

Withdrawal without investment

Our cloud mining service allows you to earn without initial investment. You independently manage the funds on the account that is assigned to each user, and you can withdraw them at any time. Also, we guarantee the safety of funds in your account, regardless of the total amount and period in which the accumulation occurs.

We are not a financial pyramid

We are not a financial pyramid, but we use real equipment for the extraction of cryptocurrencies. Our company uses various incentives for attracting new users. To increase your own profit, you don’t have to regularly invite more and more friends to and build levels. Attracting people to the site will help you earn more, even without investment. Your earnings on the service depends on you.

Return on investment

You still have complete control of your own funds. Our service guarantees the ability to issue a return on investment at any period of work with the power of



We work with payment systems

Advertising on our site

This is an affordable price

Advertising on our site can significantly reduce the cost of your advertising budget. In the conditions of modern marketing it is very important to use funds wisely. Therefore, we offer to place on our service and show your advertising only to unique users without repetitions, so that your conversion will be much higher.

This is a high conversion

Advertising on is 100% hit the target. Your advertising is shown only to target consumers, due to which it pays off in a short time.

This is an instant effect

Get the first appeal from the advertisement immediately after its launch. We guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the service, which allows you to attract new customers in the first hour of advertising.